Blog: Querying User Journey in a Smart Contract

Web3 User Analytics

Powerful web3 analytics tools to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Multibase makes it easy to analyze web3 users.

Multibase Screenshot
Multibase Screenshot

Visualize historical metrics

Easily visualize historical on-chain user metrics. From net worth to contract interactions, this is the easiest way to query your users on a broad scale. You can filter by user attributes, date, and more.

Multibase Screenshot
Multibase Screenshot

Track user retention

Measure time-bucketed cohort retention for your contracts' users. You can group users based on their sign-up date and track their engagement over time, providing insights into user behavior and helping optimize the user experience.


Detailed conversion tracking

The funnel query allows you to track and analyze the conversion performance of any contract. You can measure time to convert and dropoff/retention rate. Provide insights into user behavior, optimize of user experience, and improve overall performance.

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