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No-code analytics and acquisition tools to grow your community, measure your product interactions, and connect web3 users with off-chain identities.

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Offchain 🀝 Onchain

Multibase consolidates decentralized onchain data with traditional off chain events. For the first time, Web3 companies can track a timeline of users from website to blockchain. Integration takes under five minutes, simply install our JavaScript SDK.

Multibase Screenshot
Multibase Screenshot

πŸ”— Collect user social accounts

Multibase maps your users’ addresses to their social profiles. Launch direct messaging campaigns, craft perfect lookalike audiences, and research competitors with precision.

πŸ‘€ Discover new audiences

Define onchain paramenters to find any target wallet in your ecosystem. Tap into new market segments and elevate your reach.

Multibase Screenshot
Multibase Demo - Visualize historical metrics

πŸ“ˆ Visualize historical metrics

Easily visualize historical on-chain user metrics. From net worth to contract interactions, this is the easiest way to query your users on a broad scale.

Multibase Demo - Measure user overlap

πŸ‘₯ Measure user composition

Measure the overlap between your users and other projects. Find out which users are most likely to use your product, and which users are most likely to convert.

Multibase Demo - Track user retention

πŸ”„ Track retention

Measure cohort retention for your onchain and offchain users. See which cohorts of users have the highest engagement towards your product.

Multibase Demo - Monitor conversion rates

πŸ“Š Track conversion rates

Track the conversion rate between any two events, and identify the most effective user paths. See how offchain events trigger onchain conversions.

Multibase Demo - Follow user paths

🐾 Follow user paths

Follow the path of your users from website to blockchain. Track the time between each step and identify dropoff points.

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