Grow your Web3 user base

Track user behavior, transaction history, balance changes, and interactions with other dapps, to optimize and drive user growth.

On-chain user analytics

Classic web2 companies silo user data with private databases. Public blockchains allow for incredibly detailed data collection by just providing a wallet address.

Visualize aggregate wallet metrics

Explore customer behavior and wallet trends over time with dynamic metric visualization.

Explore properties of your connected wallets

Dive into the on-chain characteristics of your connected wallets with our wallet property explorer.

Cohort users by on-chain properties

Segment and analyze your Web3 users based on on-chain properties and behaviors.

Web3 Properties Over Time QueryWeb3 Wallet Property Analysis QueryWeb3 Cohort Analysis Query


Unlock demographic insights based on connected wallet properties and behaviors.


Monitor and optimize user retention and loyalty with on-chain analytics and platform activity.


Understand of customer behavior through on-chain financial analysis and user activity tracking.

Simple tools for unprecedented insight

Improve and optimize your Web3 product by taking advantage of the power of on-chain user analytics.

What will your data teach you?

Unleash the full potential of on-chain user analytics and make informed decisions to drive growth.

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