Importing Users

Import users from the JavaScript SDK

Importing users with the Multibase JavaScript SDK is the best way to track user activity on your product and connect it to on-chain activity. This guide will walk you through the steps to get started with the Multibase JavaScript SDK.

In this guide, we'll walk through the process of importing users from your client to Multibase.

Step 1: Installation

First, you'll need to install the Multibase JavaScript SDK. You can do this with npm or yarn.

# npm
npm install @multibase/js
# yarn
yarn add @multibase/js

Step 2: Initialization

Then, you must initialize with your Multibase write API key. You can find your write API key in your settings (opens in a new tab) page.

import { init } from '@multibase/js'

Step 3: Import users

To import users, you'll need to call the identify function. This will send the address to Multibase and automatically sync the address.

When you identify user by wallet address, they will automatically be synchronized in your Multibase workspace. Upon import, Multibase will sync all on-chain data on every chain where a user has sent at least one transaction.

import { identify } from "@multibase/js"
// Basic identifying call
    address: "0xd8da6bf26964af9d7eed9e03e53415d37aa96045"
// Identify with properties
const userProperties = {
    plan: "Premium User",
    email: ""
    address: "0xd8da6bf26964af9d7eed9e03e53415d37aa96045",
    properties: userProperties