Multibase 0.4.0
Multibase 0.4.0
June 22, 2023
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Multibase is a platform that now melds together the world of web2 and web3. Our platform enables businesses to import, aggregate, and query wallet data from the web2 & web3 world. In this article, we'll explore the features of Multibase, including the latest addition that enables the combination of web3 and web2 data. Let's dive in!

Core Mission

At our core, we are an on-chain user analytics company that changes the way businesses leverage their users’ blockchain data. Our platform allows you to import wallets, aggregate them, and perform different queries. Whether you're analyzing your customers' wallets or those of your competitors, Multibase gives you the tools to better understand the users you’re analyzing.

Labeling your Users

Multibase offers two types of aggregations types: manual and auto. With manual aggregations, you have the freedom to assign custom labels to wallets upon import. This flexibility enables you to analyze and compare various wallet cohorts that may extend beyond on-chain or web2 event properties. For instance, you can compare your Discord users with your Twitter users, opening up new avenues of analysis and insights.

On the other hand, auto aggregations leverage on-chain and web2 properties to create cohorts automatically. By considering factors such as wallet balance, token or NFT ownership, transaction frequency, and specific contract interactions, our platform enables you to identify user groups based on shared characteristics.

Exploring Queries

Our platform offers a diverse range of queries that allow you to extract meaningful information from the aggregated wallet data.

  1. Time Queries: Uncover trends over time by graphing out metrics such as balance, transaction frequency, transaction volume, and method invocations.
  2. Distribution Queries: Gain a comprehensive understanding of user properties with distribution queries. Explore top ERC20 tokens held or transferred, popular NFTs, longest NFT hold times, significant method invocations, and prominent contract interactions.
  3. Retention Queries: We can explore retention within different contracts, specific method invocations, or both. These insights enable you to optimize user engagement and identify areas for improvement.
  4. User Path Queries: Map out user behavior within smart contracts by analyzing their method invocations. Identify user paths, study their progression, and compare user journeys between your company and competitors.

Web2 Integration

We are excited to introduce our newest feature, enabling the integration of web3 and web2 data. By embedding code into your website, you can now query and aggregate web2 data alongside your existing web3 data.

With the integration of web3 and web2 data, you can combine both data sources across all query types. You can now track web2 actions over time or plot on chain behavior over time for certain web2 user cohorts. Gain insights into the top pages interacted with by your rich wallet users or analyze the top contracts interacted with by users from specific regions. Monitor user retention on your website and track user paths, blending the power of web3 and web2 data for a more comprehensive understanding of your users.


Mulitbase provides web3 businesses with unprecedented insights into user behavior and trends. With the ability to import wallets, perform manual and auto aggregations, and execute diverse queries, you can unlock the potential of blockchain data for informed decision-making. Now, with our web3-web2 integration, you have an even more powerful tool at your disposal. Combine and analyze data from both sources to gain a holistic understanding of user behavior and optimize engagement. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to innovate web3!

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