Multibase 0.3.0
Multibase 0.3.0
April 03, 2023
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Emmett Miller

Multibase 0.3.0 - Distributions and Import Labeling

Hello everyone! We have been hard at work pushing updates to meet the needs of our users. So far, we’ve released these following updates:

  • 0.1.0 - Time queries, cohorts (the launch update)
  • 0.2.0 - Retention queries, gas fees over time, contract method stats

Today, we’re announcing our third update, 0.3.0!


  1. Distribution queries – measure the popularity of tokens held, NFTs held, contract interactions, etc. This is the best way to measure the diverse interests of your audience.
  2. Imports with labels - easily bulk-label an entire import under a certain label. If you want to import your Discord user base without individually marking each as “discord user”, now you can apply a broad manual label.

Distribution queries


Distribution queries allow you to gain insights into the popularity of tokens, NFTs, and contract interactions among your audience. This can help you make informed decisions about the direction of your project and the interests of your user base. With Multibase 0.3.0, you can now use distribution queries to easily measure the diversity of your audience's interests.

We’ve started with four modes:

  1. ERC20 Tokens Held
  2. ERC20 Tokens Transferred
  3. NFT Projects Held
  4. Contract Interactions

Each mode can be filtered by specific contracts or projects. This allows you to get a more granular view of your audience's interests. For example, you can see which ERC20 tokens are most popular among your users or which NFT projects they are most invested in. These insights can help you optimize your project and make informed decisions about future development.

Imports with labels


Multibase 0.3.0 also introduces the ability to bulk-label imports with a single label. This can be useful if you want to label an entire import under a certain category, such as "Discord users" or "Beta testers". With this feature, you no longer have to manually label each import individually, saving you time and effort.

All you have to do is in your CSV, put the label name in the adjacent cell. We hope this feature makes it easier to import large amounts of data and apply the same label to each entry. This can be particularly useful for projects that involve multiple imports or large amounts of data. With Multibase 0.3.0, you can now streamline your import process and spend more time analyzing your data.

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